Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rilma leaves Salt Lake City-

Saturday afternoon they drove up Emigration Canyon. The Wasatch Mountains are pretty cool. Emigration Canyon is where the Mormon Pioneers came through. Brigham Young said "This is the Right Place"

Sunday Morning:

Team Rilma getting ready to leave the hotel for the airport

strapping in is a group affair

Rilma in the van

Katrina, Greg, Rilma and Janae say farewell. Rilma loved the Tabernacle choir. If you visit, offer to read her some of the tabernacle choir book she bought with her gift certificate.

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  1. Janae - Thank you SOOOO much for providing such wonderful caretaking service to Rilma. You are a great blessing to so many people. We, who have known and loved Rilma a long time, marvel that she has had this opportunity to go to Utah and you were so important in that experience.
    Lorraine Cornish