Monday, October 17, 2011

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Rilma in her home in Omaha

Rilma's caregivers Greg and Katrina

The Humanitarian Center Salt Lake City Utah

Embassey Suites Salt Lake City Utah

Rilma went to the Tabernacle Choir rehearsal on Thursday at the Tabernacle. She was exhausted but stayed for the whole thing. They ended with an impromptu mini concert for some sheet music guests, Rilma thought this was great!

Weekly Broadcasts in Omaha area:

Hastings 1230 KHAS-AM Sunday 10:30 Kearney 91.3 KLPR-FM Monday 9:00 Wayne
1590 KTCH-AM Sunday 9:00 Wayne 104.9 KTCH-FM Sunday 9:00 West Point 840 KTIC-AM Sunday 09:00 West Point 840 KTIC-AM Sunday 09:00

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Temple day

Rilma was all dressed up and had someplace to go.

just outside the Salt Lake Temple

Greg dropped us off at the Salt Lake Temple at 9:15 for the 10AM session. Rilma was dressed ready. All she needed was to change her shoes. It was a great session at the temple. Everyone was extra nice and accommodating. Just when I thought there was no way we could go up a little bank of stairs. Magic ramps appeared with the push of a button. We stayed and ate lunch in the cafeteria.

Welfare Square- taking care of the poor and needy and helping them be self reliant.

Greg picked us up at the curb and we went back to the hotel to change. Our next stop was Welfare square where we saw the different areas of self reliance and how the church helps it's own and needy people all over the world.

We had reservations at the Joseph Smith Memorial building restaurant "the roof", We had a short 15 minutes before dinner when we looked up some ancestors at the family search library in the same building and then went to dinner.

Great views of the temple here and great gourmet food. Greg, Katrina, Rilma and Janae
Our last stop was Deseret Book where Rilma spent some of her money on souvineers. A picture of the Salt Lake Temple, a book her friends can read to her on the Tabernacle Choir and some fun jewlery.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, the last full day

team Rilma put her in the fancy van. I kept feeling like we had just landed in a flying saucer. The van stopped and when the button was pushed it "knelt" and a ramp magically appeared from the underbelly.
The Church History museum started with Joseph Smith's first vision and went on with the history of the pioneers, immigration and then upstairs the modern day prophet's were honored.

two Angels...... Rilma loved President Gordon B. Hinckley

We walked across the street to the tabernacle just in time for it's daily organ recital by one of the Tabernacle Choir organists, known for his fancy footwork. All the organists that play the noon recitals play their own arrangement of "Come Come Ye Saints." This one ended with full sound shaking our benches

We started the day in a torrential rainstorm. Rilma is outside the Assembly hall and we are in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

By the afternoon the sun was out and so were the brides. I was taking a picture and someone said "Saturday is not the day to take a picture here, too many brides" I said "that's what I am taking pictures of" I think we saw 5-6 on our short walk to the Conference Center.
We saw the actual place where LDS general Conference is broadcast. The Conference center holds 21,000 people and fills up sometimes. The Tabernacle Choir broadcasts come from here in the summer so they can always have room for the many tourists who like to see them perform.